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Test Paddles

Test Paddles
In this section you have available a wide range of test paddles that you can try before deciding on a particular paddle.

how to get a test racket?

We explain the steps to follow in order to test a racket:

1. Select the paddle you want to try and add it to the cart to place your order.

2. Make the payment of the deposit of the test racket and the product will be sent to you so that you can try it for a maximum of four calendar days. The amount of the deposit of the paddle will always be the same as the sale price.

3. If you wish to purchase the racket that you have tested, you will not be charged shipping costs, contact our team, we will pick up the test racket and when we receive it, we will send you the new racket.

4. If you do not like the racket, you can order as many test racquets as you want to try by following the same process, taking into account that each racket you try and do not buy, we will deduct 14.95 € of shipping, handling and collection costs.

Customer Service: phone 910074832 or WhatsApp 647712549


how much does it cost to test a test paddle?

The cost of testing a test paddle is 0 € as long as you subsequently make the purchase of the same. In case you do not make your purchase the price will be deducted from the amount to be refunded, the deposit paid, is 14.95 ¤
The deposit of a test paddle is always the same amount of the sale price of the same paddle.

can I order several test bats?

You can try several test shovels always following the same payment process with each of them individually or in the same order.

how long will it take to receive the test paddle?

Once you have placed your order, the test paddle will be delivered within 24-72 hours. If the delivery time is longer, due to immediate unavailability of the racket, you will be informed as soon as possible.
how much time do I have to test a racket?

You have a maximum of four calendar days to test a racket from the day you receive it. If on the fourth day you have not requested the collection of the test racket through customer service, you will be charged 5 € per day of delay.

if I like the racket, how do I order the new one?

If you decide for the shovel that you have tested and want to make your purchase, you only have to contact us through the customer service phone or WhatsApp and we will manage the collection of the test shovel and shipment of the new one at no cost to you.

what should I do if I don't like the test racket?

If you have not been convinced by the racket you have tested, you must communicate it through the customer service contact phone or WhatsApp and we will order the collection of the same. In this case, if you do not make the subsequent purchase of the new racket, 14.95 € will be deducted from the amount to be returned that you paid for the deposit of the racket.

Please note that...

-For each day that you are late in the delivery of the test paddle will be charged a surcharge of 5 €
-If the paddle is damaged by the customer, the deposit paid for it will not be refunded.
-We only ship test shovels to Peninsular area.

Customer service: phone 910074832 or WhatsApp 647712549